Robert Christophe
Executive Director

Dream it - Plan it - Create it

For the last 20 years, I've been committed to helping people of all ages express themselves through the art of film making, bonsai gardening, meditation, and martial arts. On the surface, these different disciplines may seem far apart and rather disjointed but in actuality, they all fit into the paradigm of collaborative Creation. The synergy between the creator and the medium by which that creator expresses themselves. I see my job as helping creators do it successfully.

My newest venture:  The New Voices Film Academy provides a unique and highly personalized method of project-based learning through filmmaking. My team creates a safe environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve their highest level of success. 

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Robert Christophe

Acting Coach

Once hailed as the theatrical treasures of Philadelphia by theater critics of the nations 5th largest city, this duo's bold, upbeat reputation as comedy creators has been celebrated repeatedly throughout their collaborative relationship.  They are best-known for their hit web series “Cube News 1”, a foe opinion news show about navigating life on the Cube Farm.  And the live action spin-off, “Cube Girl”, a comedy about a woman who discovers she’s become a super hero after being exposed to a radio-active copy machine.  Glamour Magazine named Kim “one of the funniest women on the Internet 2008 and the works earned them a place in internet history as some of the first pioneers of content creation when Youtube was just getting started.  Other projects of note include their feature length film “The Bedstand”, a story about a young couple’s desperate attempt to restore a family heirloom that’s been branded by the boy-friend’s penis after a wild night of sex while house sitting for her parents. For a peek at reviews for the Bedstand go to this link:

“Michigan Impossible”, A one-man show, performed by Robert and directed by Kim, that tells a story about gang of urban kids that get busted after stealing a $1000 of donnuts from a bakery truck and are subsequently sentenced by a juvenile court to spend a summer at a National Boyscouts of America Camp the heart of Northern Michigan’s wilderness. This show had several runs at regional theaters, toured colleges and universities and ended up with a successful run Off-Broadway. The show was a hilarious and compelling look at identity and race in America.



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